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Re: PLEASE READ NOW - Real virus

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Scott Maxwell wrote:
99 times out of 100, when I get a message "warning" everyone, a quick Google search will show it for the hoax that it is.
I'll bet if research were done, it would show that virtually every one of the emails passed on regarding this hoax, comes from someone aged 50 or older!

Us oldsters will never feel as comfortable with the online world as those who grew up with it as a reality. To many of us, it still seems like something rather daunting and scary.

About ten years ago the consulting firm that I worked for was one of the few that had not yet moved to have email, or even a web-page. True, the 'net was still something of a novelty then, but most of our competitors had their "home pages" up.

The reason our company didn't is that the company president, who was around 60 at that time, had heard from another person at the country club that "hackers could get into your bank account and clean you out!" We tried to explain to him that having access to the internet did NOT mean that anyone in the world who wanted to would then be able to get into your internal computer files for accounting, banking, etc. We tried to explain that none of those systems were accessible, but "a friend at the country club" had told him, and that was that!

The company finally did get a domain name, email, etc., but they simply didn't bother to tell the President (who spent a lot of time at the country club anyway)!

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