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ASCE 7-05 Cantilevered Columns

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I'm trying to determine if structral systems that use to be acceptable under the '97 UBC are even allowed under the '07 CBC/ASCE. Per table 12.2-1 of the ASCE 7-05, section G, it appears that for Seismic Design Catagories D and E, (most of Southern California), the following structural systems are no longer permitted as lateral load carrying sytems:
A wide flange cantilvered column system out of a concrete grade beam at grade, (i.e. front of garage, etc.).
A pile foundation system supporting light wood framing above, (i.e. two story residence), unless it is a "Special reinforced concrete moment frame"- i.e. cantilevered concrete piles no longer allowed.
Am I missing something here, or do these systems go the way of the buggy whips.
Larry Hauer S.E.

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