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Re: PLEASE READ NOW - Real virus

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Come on Bill - PC"s have been around since 82 and I don't think that
argument holds water any more. I'm 69 and have no trouble getting
 around the internet, AutoCad, Microstation, Excel , Word, etc.
Richard Roberts
Glad to see a 69 year old veteran feeling comfortable with computers/software/internet.

I am 59 and I too have no fear of computers and have used mainframes in the seventies, minicomputers from 1978 to 1984, PCs from 1984 till date.
I have also used computers with paper tape input, punched card input,  a home computer called ZX spectrum with with just 48K Ram, with input from audio tapes and output on the TV screen. I even wrote software in Basic to analyse trusses and simple frames using this toy computer.Can the present generation use all this?
And that's not all.
I used slide rules and can still use one.
I still pull out one occasionally and impress the youngsters.
I can recite my multiplication tables better than today's school kids.
My hand writing, even after all these years of typing on the keyboard, is better than the illegible scrawl that today's kids churn out.
I am the only one in my office who can still analyse and design beams and small frames with just a sheet of paper, a pencil, eraser and a straight edge. A column of numbers can be added up by me without a calculator faster than the present 20 somethings key in on their calculators. The present generation will feel lost without their calculators and their laptops. Without the appropriate Autocad commands, the present generation cannot calculate from basic geometry some complex inclined lengths that are needed in steel detailing (a business I am now in since 2001).
I can still read an entire book in one sitting on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
The attention span of today's kids is just one screenful. They can't read more unless it is a comic book.

It amuses me to see young pups being "protective" and "considerate" in matters of computers and software when they deal with us old timers.
A bald head may expose the scalp but they sometimes conceal an intelligent and sharp mind inside.
I have yet to get bald and am in no particular hurry. My hair is merely grey.
May our tribe increase.


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