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RE: IBC 2007 Wind calcs.

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> But, then how blinded are you being by JUST looking at how it affects you?
> (note this is not meant to be an attack but an obervation).

Right. Most observations don't begin with "how blinded are you..."

> There are
> of places where seismic does NOT govern and high winds DO govern.

I think I mentioned that. Go back and read my post, this time completely.

> those
> areas the difference in the results of some conservative, "simplified"
> method and the results from a more complex, but "fine tuned" method could
> have a rather big impact.

Could? Sure. But my question was (and is) does it have a rather big impact?
Do you know that for a fact?


T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.
Consulting Structural Engineers

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