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Re: Effects

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I get the load combinations idea and the effects of combining the factors but the elements themselves are defined as "the effects of...". The procedure is to calculate the base shear "V"  or the component force "Fp" but whether these equate directly to QE or D is not really clear because of the definition of these elements. (D is not defined as the "dead load" but as the "effects of the dead load"). I'm also assuming the "D" dead load is not the same as the "W" ((defined in section 12.7.2) and "D" is only the dead load acting directly on that particular shear resisting element being analyzed (eg: shear wall or frame).
Maybe I'm reading to much into this but I can't help but think what a lawyer would do with this kind of wording. There's always an Expert Witness" lurking around the corner that would testify that the Engineer of Record did not use all "the effects of V or Fp" by using just V or Fp in the formulas. 
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You plug the horizontal seismic load effect together with the vertical
seismic load effect into the load combinations. defines the vertical effect of seismic up or down as a funtion of
dead load times Sds times .2

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Subject: Effects defines QE = effects of horizontal forces from V or Fp.. defines D = effect of dead load

Are the effects simply the V, Fp and dead load W or is there something else



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