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Re: Soils Reports under CBC 1802.2

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As the building official, the Building code grants you, the authority to decide what projects need soils report and which don't. Most remodel and additions should not be required unless there is soils related distress on the existing building. New housing developments and commercial yes.
In a message dated 2/15/2008 8:19:55 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, bgerving(--nospam--at) writes:
Unfortunately, there's not much of a loop hole there.  The exception to
1802.2.7, item 2 only applies to the site-specific study for peak ground
acceleration taking into account soil amplification effects.

All of the other soils report requirements dictated in Section 1802.6
still have to be addressed, and in SDCs D, E, and F, so do the rest of
the items contained in 1802.2.7, items 1 and 2.

All projects in our jurisdiction are assigned to SDC E or F, and we are
really struggling with the fact that we're forced to require soils
reports for even small projects on infill lots.

Brian Gerving
Plans Examiner
City of Eureka Building Department

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Subject: Soils Reports under CBC 1802.2

I keep hoping to find a loop-hole....

Section 1802.2.7, item 2, Exception states:  "A site-specific study need
be performed, provided that peak ground acceleration equal to
is used, where S-sub-DS is determined in accordance with Section 21.2.1


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