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RE: Roof Gardens Live load

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A roof garden gets some LEED points, but to try to put a dollar benefit is very difficult (if not impossible) to determine.  You can compute the thermal benefit of insulation, the reduction in lighting costs with skylights, the energy reduction with ground source heat pumps, etc.  The direct economic benefit of a roof garden is very small.  However, the cost can be calculated, and it is significant in high seismic areas.  I would ask the project manager to determine the benefits.  I would doubt if you could ever get this to pay for itself.   There are much more efficient ways to achieve LEED Silver. 
It will cost a lot if you get a significant seismic event because of the increase in demand on the entire structural system and the expectation of nonlinear performance. 

Harold Sprague

> Szuchuan Chang wrote:
> > I was reading about the ASCE 7 Table 4-1 about the minimum roof loads.
> >
> > "Roofs used for roof gardens .." 100 psf on page 13 of the book.
> >
> > Hope that you have not miss this requirement.
> >
> > //=====
> >
> > In order to meet the LEED requirements (to get a SILVER) our project
> > manager insisting on adding a garden on the roof. In a SDC of "E"
> > building. In San Jose area near the bay.
> >
> > Loads 100 psf are not reduceable for seismic design. How long will it
> > be for the building owner to recover the cost of adding extera lateral
> > capacity for a grarden on roof in Bay Area?
> >
> > Szuchuan

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