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RE: Another ASCE 7-05 Wind Load Question

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In terms of intent (i.e. suburban/urban), yes, they are the same.  Since they are worded differently, however, you might have some code official (or engineer) interpret them differently.  I can see some "issues" with the way the UBC describes it (not that ASCE 7 is perfect).  I use the general intent...B is suburban/urban and rural in a forest (i.e. lots of trees), C is rural with fields (i.e. not rural in forests) and hurricane coasts, and D is non-hurricane coasts (i.e. West Coast and Great Lakes).
Adrian, MI
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Subject: Another ASCE 7-05 Wind Load Question

Is Exposure B the same as Exposure B in the 1997 UBC? It sounds like Exposure B in ASCE 7 is applicable in typical suburban/urban areas. OTOH, I’ve never been able to get UBC Exposure B to fly here without rigorous hoop jumping.




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