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Re: Earthquake

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I guess USGA wants to be accurate - that is no problem. They are scientists, not engineers. But it is ASCE who thinks they need S1 and Ss accurate to 3 decimal places. Given the so many "unkonwn unknowns" (remember Rumsfeld?), it is laughable for ASCE to adopt USGA maps for design purpose. Remember the arbritary 2/3 factors, fictitious R factors, and so on....

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If a 6.0 is common and we have been somewhat successful at minimizing structural damage with the 1997 UBC, why do the 2006 IBC results for Seismic forces seem to come out with lower values?
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You say that "6-point-somethings are pretty common" -- which they are -- "and usually imperceptible" -- which they definitely are not, at least near the epicenter.  From the link that Neil Moore posted (, it is clear that their was quite a bit of non-structural damage (shelves emptied, etc.) and some structural damage.  In October 2005, there was a magnitude 6.7 earthquake on the Big Island of Hawaii which shook up the island of Oahu about 100 miles away.  Not much structural damage resulted, but it raised a few heartrates (mine included).  The power was out island-wide for most of the day.

I think every engineer that does seismic design should have the opportunity to experience an earthquake at least once -- it can definitely bring some perspective to why you're doing what you're doing.


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My wife who is studying geography showed me the USGS site yesterday that lists the latest earthquakes in the world for the past 7 days.

I was surprised to discover that 6-point-somethings are pretty common and usually imperceptible.


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Anyone feel or heard about the 6.3 quake in Wendover , Nevada this morning?






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