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The Structuralist.Net Website is under Construction

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This is just a short announcement to let those of you who had supported the Structuralist.Net website in the past know that the New Structuralist web services is currently under construction and may be viewed at

The MultiLat™ 2008 lateral design User’s guide and Design Weblog has not yet been transferred from but will be transferred in the near future. The Structuralist.Net website is intended to provide the following services;

1.       Create a Partnership between the general public and the professionals that comprise the building industry. Services such as an open discussion forum for the General public are offered and I invite any professional who wishes to assist the non-professional in guidance to local or regional solutions to their problems is invited to participate. The goal is to help the general public find the information and resources they need to resolve their problem without providing actual solicitation of services or products.

2.       A Professional Partnership Forum takes the threaded discussions similar to those restricted to the structural engineering community on this List and attempts to bridge the gap between services to provide a similar peer review and interpretation of methods and design standards. This includes code related questions and interpretation to help those with hands-on participation (such as the Engineer, Architect, Framer and sub-contractors, building department inspectors and technicians and owner/builders who follow prescriptive methods to locate resources and information necessary to improve the quality and performance of building design and construction.

3.       Software reviews are down the road (the Forum was given first priority) and a source for the downloading of public domain engineering tools will be provided.

4.       If you wish to have your shareware or software product listed, we provide a portion of the website for those who are marketing software. We can provide you with a free link to your site and may, in the near future, provide a source for sale and download of your software using PayPal™ and a number of other secure payment choices.

5.       The Public Blog is a Weblog intended to allow professionals to publish information based on the most common types of calls we receive that generally are not considered to be structural failures (such as shrinkage cracks in concrete, efflorescence on the face of masonry retaining walls etc.).

6.       The Professional Weblog is an editorial starting point for the Professional Partnership forum. You may or may not agree on my editorial, for example, and are welcome to visit the Forum to post our own discussion that others may respond to.

Please feel free to take a look at the layout of the site and to visit often to keep track of the changes and additions as the site evolves. I also welcome any and all participation in the site in order to assist those in the Partnership of design professionals, inspectors and builders to seek the help of one another to improve the performance and quality of the construction product.



Dennis S. Wish, PE