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Topographic Effects

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Another fun wind question a bit winded but here goes.
I have a 2 story house on the side of a hill. The H to the house is 1000' and Lh= 500' continuing up the hill another house is 60' above mine and 100' horizontally away. The hill continues another 500' above this house. The hill slope is approximately 45 degrees.
The house is 22' tall and 64' diameter with 3' tall 20' diameter Clerestory on roof; both roofs are flat.
Topographic Effects
H/ footnote 2 ....K1=.43   ( because hill continues aboe my house )  yes/ no ??
since H/Lh > .5 the Lh becomes 2H for next calculations.
X/2H = 10/2000 =.02.........K2 =1
Z/2H = 22/2000 = .011......K3 =.78
Kzt = 1.78
G= .85
Partially Enclosed
Kd = .95  or  .85
Cp values I would use diameter x height for windward and leeward values ?
GCpf values from figure 6-10 surface 1 & 5  diameter x height
                                          surface 2 & 3  diameter / 2
And the same for GCp values ??
AM I on the right track any comments are welcomed
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA
760 322-0583

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