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RE: Base Plate design

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I got one good reference for you from AISC titled: Steel Design Guide Series 1


Column Base Plate

By: John T. DeWolf


Some Practical Aspects of Column Base Selection

David T. Ricker


This is a publication combined issue by the AISC and the Berlin Steel Company, Inc.


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Yes, Blodgett “Design of Welded Structures”  is probably one of the best.  And it is relatively cheap $10.00.


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Subject: Base Plate design


Hello all:

I'm looking for any references for designing column base plates where the column base is subjected to uplift and a large moment.

The AISC design guide does not discuss a column base with moment in combination with uplift.

Does anybody have any references for such a design?

Thanks in advance,

Andry Heigley, PE
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