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Re: Base Plate design

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Thanks for the response.  The PDF you provided is essentially the same as what is in the design guide.  In case D, what they call 'uplift' is when you have a tensile load on the one side of the anchor rods, not a net uplift on the column itself.

But i like the idea of analyzing the plate for just moment, and then add in the uplift forces.

Thanks for responding.

Andy Heigley

Alexander Bausk wrote:

You may wish to read this paper in Engineering Journal '99:
The case D described in the paper deals with both uplift force and moment.

As far as I understand, the problem is not with principal scheme of
the joint but with defining loads on anchor bolts/foundation. I think
you could do an analysis with only the moment applied, and then
distribute the axial tension among the bolts.

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