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Re: Sign Structures

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Las Vegas area use to have a different philosophy as to awarding contracts and who is responsible.
If I remember correctly it was 365' tall and 30' tall x 180-220' long message area at 275' up the sign.
I worked for a company that got the contract from the insurance carrier for the contractor of the sign. I will say The structural engineer was told to accept half of his asking fee for the project or he would not get the project. 
His EIT engineer did all the computer input and design. Nodal offsets of 12-18" were not reconized and or ignored.  It failed where our computer model failed.  The iron workers hated to work on it because of the 10-15' of typical movement on any given day. I think it was designed for 30-40' of deflection at top.
The city allowed a wind exposure of B old UBC, Las Vegas changed their code requirements after the failure.
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I agree that learning from failures is the traditional and definitive "lessons learned" for structural engineers.  Unfortunately, any significant failure will result in law suits.  Law suits make engineers circle the wagons and most of us are left on the outside wondering what happened. 
The few things that I know is that the top 100 feet of the original sign collapsed in July of 1994 and the wind velocities were less than the design load.  A new one was constructed in 1997. 
There was litigation that lasted until 2004.  There is an interesting paper that includes a synopsis at:
The write up source was:
Finley A. Charney, G. Brent Norris, and James Robert Harris, "On the Collapse of the Las Vegas Hilton's Spectacular Sign", Proceedings of the Structural Engineers World Congress, (San Francisco, CA 1998).
Finley Charney is a professor at Virginia Tech and Jim Harris has his own business in Denver. 

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