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RE: 3x studs in (E) stud wall (Remodel)

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Hi Erik Gibbs;
	You don?t say where you are BUT if you are in California, you can
use the California State Historical Code and install the 3x?s as you want
presuming that the building is mentioned in the local area as a ?building of
historical interest?.  The building does not necessarily have to be listed
as a state historical point of interest ? it just needs to be listed in the
Master Plan of the local jurisdiction.  Since you are making the building
structurally better than existing, you should be all right.  I have the name
of a guy at the State Historical Commission who could help "educate" your
building official if he proves difficult, hehe.
	In one case, we did this with 2x4?s at 16" on center adjacent to the
(E) 2x4 flat studs so we would have enough room for insulation and put shear
sheathing on the outside (to save the historical plaster on the inside) then
put horizontal wood siding over that.  
	What you are doing sounds great to me -- definitely better than what
was there before.  Good luck!

Terry Weatherby
Jackson, CA 
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Subject: 3x studs in (E) stud wall (Remodel)

We are working on a remodel where the existing 2 story home was built
sometime in the early 1920's. All the walls, including exterior are 2x flat
studs. The architect is calling for (N) windows in the (E) exterior walls
and now we need to provide new shearwalls. The problem is that we would like
to keep the wall thickness as minimal as possible. We are thinking of using
3x studs next to the (E) 2x flat studs and turning the (E) walls into
Does anyone have any idea if 3x studs are allowed to be used in shearwalls
of an existing structure?
I know that the code does not allow 3x studs for exterior bearing walls, but
in this case the (E) stud walls are already there. we are just using the
3x's for shear purposes.
Any info or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Erik Gibbs

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