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Using Wood-Framed Conventional Construction as a Lateral Shear Resisting Method fior Design

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Hi everyone;
	I have an question which seems to keep coming up year after year.
	We often have clients who's residential project has been plan
checked by a local building department and one wall line does not comply
with the lateral provisions of 2007 CBC (2006 IBC) Section 2308 for wall
bracing.  Consequently, we do a lateral analysis for this one wall line.  I
assume this is standard operating procedure so, with this as an
introduction, let me get to my question.
	The CBC/IBC Section 2308.2.3.3 says an engineered analysis is
required when the Snow Load exceeds 50 psf.  Most jurisdictions allow a 75%
reduction in Snow Load for Seismic design (yes-it varies by jurisdiction).
So, if I run lateral calculations to show that Wind Load governs over
Seismic Loads for these heavy snow load areas, can I use the Conventional
Construction provisions as my lateral shear resisting design/detailing
element OR do I need to run full-blown lateral calculations for the building
as a whole? 
	I am finding more and more that engineering offices are running full
blown lateral calculations without further discussion.  What does your
office do?

Terry Weatherby
Jackson, CA

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