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Post-its with scales printed on them?

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Has anyone seen anywhere to purchase pads of post-its (or similar generic versions) with an inch or metric scale printed on them? I have yet to find a good scale for photographing in the field (most are too shiny and blow out when the flash hits them), and it occurred to me that a 3x6 or 4x6 post-it in matte white with a black scale would be perfect. Doubly so since I'm usually alone in the field and a self-stick scale beats trying to grow a third hand.

I know that you can order custom printed pads, but haven't inquired as to how accurate the printing process is if given a digital file for reproduction. I don't need high accuracy, but getting a 6" scale reduced to 5" long because the printer fits the graphic to his printable area wouldn't be much help.


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