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RE: Enforcement Question

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99% of the building department people I know really cared about what they
were doing and care about where they live. I am sure the people at the
Pasadena Building Department would find your written opinion to be libel. How
would you feel if someone said you were a stamp for hire? 

Government corruption is not viewed as acceptable behavior in the United
States.  There are avenues open to the common citizen for busting local
crooked bureaucrats and politicians - the local ombudsman, local newspaper,
mayor, city manager, Federal FBI etc... If your allegations are true then you
would be doing the people a service by reporting the bad civil servants.

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	I bet you'd get some atention if you sent the building official a  
	written memorandum of the situation and conspicuously copied your  
	lawyer and the state department that looks after such things. Nothing

	turns heads like a visible audit trail.

I am not sure which City you are talking about.
If it is in Pasadena, and your are friends with Building Official (Sarkis
Nazerian) or City Inspector Scott can get almost anything
"inpsected" and "approved", even if it is built without a permit.. They even
lie for you.
Then again, what can you expect from a Bulding Department like Pasadena,
which has only one licensed Civil Engineer (in the Grading department). Not a
single person (Civil or Structural) in Plan Check, Code Enforcement, etc. is
licensed, not even the Building Official.
Antonio S. Luisoni
Consulting Structural Engineer 


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