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Re: Rigid diaph. analysis with diagonal walls

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Joseph R. Grill wrote:

Some time ago, it seems someone ask about a rigid diaphragm shear distribution to a wall system where some of the walls are diagonal to the orthogonal axes. I have looked through all my references and, of course, all the examples are pretty simple wall layouts, all at 90 degrees to each other. How do any of you take care of this situation? Are there any spreadsheets out there that will do this, or does anyone out there have an example from a reference that they could fax (or email) to me? Enercalc has a module to do this, but their new version does not contain the help module yet, so I can’t get any background on it to see if I am inputting all the data correctly.

Thanks for the help,

Joe Grill

I have used this Enercalc module for this problem. I had a series of braced frames that were not orthogonal. I had some preliminary forces into the frames and designed them with preliminary brace sizes. Knowing the brace geometry and the brace sizes, I could calculate the stiffness and then assuming a height of the equivalent CMU wall, find a wall length that would have the same stiffness. I then placed these walls so that the wall midpoint was at the brace midpoint and with the same orientation and then let Enercalc calculate the forces. With the forces from Enercalc, I checked the braces, revised if necessary the wall lengths and reran the Enercalc module. We ran this exercise to verify the output from the 3D finite element modeling that we had some doubts about.

Good luck, I can send you the printout of the help file from the earlier version of Enercalc if you need it.

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