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Re: Rigid diaph. analysis with diagonal walls

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This may not be of any help, but there used to be a basic program called Regie. It was written by an individual who submitted it to the Conc Reinf Stl Inst (CRSI) who were sponsoring a contest for the best basic programs in concrete. So I bought a copy of it from CRSI who offered all of the better programs for sale. All you had to do was input the co-ordinates of the wall intersections or wall ends and the centre of rigidity and centre of mass, as best as I can remember it. As I recall, it was kind of klunky, because you had no way of correcting an wrong input, but it certainly made life easy if you got your input correct. I always thought it would have been a good one to put into a spreadsheet if you had the time and skill. I still have it somewhere- just have to search.

Joseph R. Grill wrote:


Thanks, but the walls are skewed such that there is no direction to look at that will eliminate the question.


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You might try rotating your orthogonal axes 45 degrees and look at the problem again. Sometimes a simple trick like this will let you see something that you missed the first time. Just a thought; may not be worth anything.

Good luck.


H. Daryl Richardson

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    Some time ago, it seems someone ask about a rigid diaphragm shear
    distribution to a wall system where some of the walls are diagonal
    to the orthogonal axes. I have looked through all my references
    and, of course, all the examples are pretty simple wall layouts,
    all at 90 degrees to each other. How do any of you take care of
    this situation? Are there any spreadsheets out there that will do
    this, or does anyone out there have an example from a reference
    that they could fax (or email) to me? Enercalc has a module to do
    this, but their new version does not contain the help module yet,
    so I can’t get any background on it to see if I am inputting all
    the data correctly.

    Thanks for the help,

    Joe Grill

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