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RE: Concrete Digestion Tanks

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I am surprised that the process engineers would want a single large tank for a digester.  You did not say if it was rectangular or round.  I would presume that it will have a highly pitched floor and I would presume the tank to be round. 
The PCA has several good design guides for both round and rectangular tanks.  You need a copy of the ACI 350 as well, and ACI 350.3 for seismic induced fluid forces. 
A lot of WWTP's are going to the egg shaped digesters.  These are performance specified and specialty firms either construct them from steel or from PT concrete. 
Attached is a link to a lot of resources.
The AWWA is another good source of information for tanks:
Tanks are specialty designs.  I would not categorize myself as an expert, but I know who the experts are depending on the type of tank that you are considering. 
One real tank expert that comes to mind is:
Stephen W. Meier, PE, SE
Vice President
Tank Industry Consultants
7740 West New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46214
Voice: 317-271-3100 Fax: 317-271-3300
Mobile: 630-728-5986
email: meier(--nospam--at)
web page:
Tank Industry Consultants
684 West Boughton, Suite 101
Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440
Voice: 630-226-0745 Fax: 630-226-0802
All Steve does is tanks.  And he does them well.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Concrete Digestion Tanks
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Are there any good "design guides" available for Concrete Digestion Tanks?  I'm trying to put together a schematic design, but am not sure of the specific criteria for these types of tanks.  The tank is desired to be very large (about 1.25 acres surface area) and I suspect it is more economical to have a greater quantity of smaller tanks.
Would anyone on this list happen to be an expert in these types of structures?
Thank You,

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