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The LEED system discriminates against environmentally superior
U.S.-produced wood products, is not based on life cycle assessment
(LCA), and was not developed by a consensus process. Here's a link to
more information on LEED as it relates to wood products:



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Actually, I was also curious about this. I called a few lumber supply
stores here in Orange county and they didn't know anything about it. I
think it is a great thing that the lumber be sustainably grown, but if
the FSC does not make suppliers aware then contractors can't use it.

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> I'm working on a project in California that will get a LEED 
> certification.  We specified on the framing plan with notes for "FSC 
> Certified lumber", for framing and plywood.  I talked to the 
> contractor, and they said FSC certified lumber products are pretty 
> easy to get, from plywood to sawn lumber to laminated product.

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> I have a project where the client wants the wood products to follow 
> the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines for the framing (2x 
> studs, and engineered I-joists and LVL).  This organization seems to 
> mostly deal with forests in Asia, Africa and Europe.  In North 
> America, the lumber companies are members of the Sustainable Forestry 
> Initiative (SFI).  When you are involved in LEED projects, do you call

> out either of these organizations and their guidelines?

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