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Re: Pipe Wall Strength

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On Mar 17, 2008, at 4:03 PM, Michel Blangy wrote:

How can I calculate the wall strength of a round pipe with a concentrated load perpendicular to the wall?
This can get tricky. There are two types for problems one where the concentrated load is applied between suports--in that one you have to figure the bending strength of the pipe, then figure the local stresses at the load. If the concentrated load is directly at a support, the classic calculation method is outlined in WR107. There are limits to the applicability of the calculation but it's the one that's usually used unless you have FEA available. If the pipe wall is thick D/t<15 or so, you could fake it with some of the ring load problems shown in Roark. Or you could fiinesse whe whole thing with a support ring at the load (which you might need anyway if the load is high and the pipe is thin.

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