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RE: Hand-held Calculator Recommended

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    For most simple calculations, I like my Casio fx-115ES. I bought it to take the the PE exam, and now use it frequently. The ES allows you to enter fractions in a stacked format, and exponents are superscripted. This can help you see an error that you made while entering a long equation. I wish it would remember more recent calculations, but overall it is an easy to use calculator.
    For a serious calculator, I would recommend the Texas Instruments TI-89. I have used a TI-92, which is an older and bulkier version of the TI-89, since my freshman year in college; and I like it when I have to do complex math problems. It has "pretty print" which displays what you  have entered the same way you would write the equation on paper. Unfortunately, it doesn't format the input that way like the Casio does. You only see the formatted equation after you hit enter. You can write custom functions and programs for it. It can be connected to your computer and programs from TI uploaded onto it. One program is supposed to allow you to work with spreadsheets. I haven't tried that yet.

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I need your recommendation for good hand-held calculator.

I have been using Sharp EL-5150 for 20 years.

Now time has come to replace this excellent calculator.

Please post which calculator is the best!




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