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Re: 1979 SBC

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Wow, you haven't kept up on Mickey Mouse, have you? I believe copyright now extends in excess of 100 years.

Christopher Banbury wrote:

On that same note, does anyone know of a source for legacy codes such as the old BOCA and SBCCI back to the early 80’s?

Ideally they would be available in PDF format but I’d settle for a tattered ring binder. I would think that some of these codes would be public domain by now.



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From: Joel Adair [mailto:jadair(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: 1979 SBC


I have a project in which we’re renovating a building built in 1983 under the 1979 (Southern) Standard Building Code (SBC), and I need to find out the exact verbiage of the live load provisions.  Would anybody who has a copy of that code be willing to scan and e-mail (or fax) me a couple of pages?  I need the section that addresses live load reductions and the table of minimum live loads.  Specifically, I need to know the minimum live load provision for restaurant space, and whether that was reducible.


If you have this information, please send it to jadair(--nospam--at) or fax it to 469-287-4334.  If there’s anybody who can help, I’d be very grateful.




-- Joel


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