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Re: Hand-held Calculator Recommended

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I need your recommendation for good hand-held calculator.
I've used HP iron since the 70's, and they're the best made. Plenty of sources for them on the web, but I heard once that HP was out of the calculator business. My HP48 G+ is a wonder--I have 2 just in case.

I do most of my serious 'pencil and paper' calculations with Excel, but there's a boundary where I just need to have something for odds and ends--pythagorean theorem or composite section properties or a bolt stress area. There's alot of seriously useful built-in stuff, but the best is the units conversion capability. You can even program your own like for heat transfer and bastardized metric units. Really fancy stuff like non-linear equations or differential equations even comes in handy at odd moments. And it fits in my shirt pocket--not even my Mac can do that yet.

RPN i usually the deal-breaker for people who don't use HP machinery, but I think it's the greatest thing since premium rum if you need to do calculations with lots of intermediate results.

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