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Re: Stainless Steel

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On Mar 18, 2008, at 11:37 PM, Conrad Harrison wrote:
I still would like any heads ups and tables you may have, but I have found maybe too much info here:
Stainless Steel Info Center
Back in the dear dead days when this country still took some pride in manufacturing and steel production, INCO came out with a large number of serious information on stainless. I don't know where they've gotten to. They may be buried at Stainless Steel Info Center or the Nickel Development Institute. These include ASTM STP 454 ''Structural Stainless Steel -- Guidelines for Design' and 'A Design Guide to Structural Stainless Steel' by Gilbert and Griffith. I couldn't find them at the INCO site (now INCO-Vale) but you can try Google.

I also found this at the ASCE site: ASCE 8-02 Specifications for Design of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Structural Members.

The problem with cold formed stainless is that welding makes the economics a bit tricky. The economy makes the raw material cost pretty high, so using stiffened thin sections of strain hardened materialyou can save material if you don't have to weld it or if elastic buckling isn't an issue. Cold work increases the strength greatly, but welding puts you back to the annealed state. Tooling charges for formed sections will also eat you alive.

Stainless pipe is fairly common as are angles in small sizes. Larger sizes are a bit trickier. I got involved in one case where some poor soul specified a lifting structure out of stainless rolled sections on the strength of a magazine ad by an outfit who claimed they'd sell rolled shapes of all kinds. Turned out that what they'd neglected to mention was that they'd supply in mill quantities only with a 9 month delivery, but not guaranteed. I expect the situation is worse today--trying to find what you need will lead you on a merry chase around the world, and you may end up with cast-off material that no one else will buy.

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