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RE: Hand-held Calculator Recommended

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Off the subject a little, but in the same vein.  I actually found my
 old slide rule from college a few weeks ago.  I swear I looked at it and
 could not remember how to do a single thing on it. recollection
 of how it worked whatsoever
While on the subject of slide rules, I have half a dozen of these safely tucked away and which I bring out with a flourish and flaunt  before the younger generation once in a while when we discuss what life used to be for us, the engineers of the previous generation.
I used to be quite an expert at slide rules. I was among the few who knew how to use the exponential functions on these slide rules. I had a Faber Castell slide rule with a 20" scale that yielded one more significant digit. These days, just for sentimental reasons, I sometimes take them out and look longingly at the neatly engraved markings and remenisce about the late sixties and early seventies when life without a slide rule was simply unimaginable.
When I shifted gears after 2001 and got involved in steel detailing for US fabricators, I got myself a Jobber 5 and played around with it for some time. I have now given it away to one of my staff.
Nowadays, I find no need for a hand held calculator. Most of my working hours are spent right in front of the monitor. Excel does whatever I want and I have programmed it to add and subtract in feet and inches and sixteeenths of an inch.
All the hard work on detailing is done by my office staff, who use Trig plus.
Autocad and X steel does all the complex stuff.

For me, who only needs to count the weeks or days before we ship the dwgs, the only hand held devices needed are my good old fingers. No fabricator gives me more than 10 weeks for any job and so my 10 fingers have so far been adequate. If I need to count larger than 10, I still have my toes. For larger numbers, I can still bank on what's left of my  mental arithmetical abilities.

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