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RE: Stainless Steel - answering my own question

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With stainless, there is a lot of "it depends". 
This site has a ton of info specifically for structural applications.  They even have many structural shapes.
They are allied with Georgia Tech. 

Harold Sprague
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Subject: Stainless Steel - answering my own question

I still would like any heads ups and tables you may have, but I have found maybe too much info here: 
Stainless Steel Info Center
And what I understand is that SS is not governed by any codes in the US but it is in many other countries, and you should not use AISC but basic structural materials mechanics would be used. 
From a web board, not from me, "One of the main differences is that carbon steel has a constant modulus of elasticity, while stainless has a varying modulus of elasticity based on the stresses in the steel"

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