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Re: review of another SE's design...

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Excellent advice provided by the members of this list, as usual.

I am asked to perform this service fairly often and to be honest, I
typically decline this kind of work.

I'd rather just do my own work than be a critic.

But, if you are in a crunch, I really think you should insist on some kind
of "hold harmless" agreement between you and the owner to limit your
exposure, because if you do get pulled into litigation, you will still
have to cover your legal expenses and time lost.

Even if you HAVE insurance, you will still have to staisfy your deductable
and defense costs disbursed by the O/E company will still count against
you come renewal time.


When clients come to me for this, my response is "why didn't you hire me
in the first place?"

Also, as Mr. Richardson correctly pointed out, check the Florida BOPE
rules on this...if you do not notify the other firm of the peer review,
you may be committing an ethics violation.

I welcome peer reviews on my work; its nice to have a second look at
things and, frankly, it makes us look even better when there are no


> Andrew,
>         Both Chris and Harold have offered good advice.  I do, however,
> have a couple of things to add.
>         In Alberta it would be ethically required for you to notify the
> other engineer that you have been requested of provide a review or
second opinion of his/her work.  That is, unless you are working for a
lawyer and "client/lawyer confidences are involved in which case such
notification could possibly be illegal.
>         If there is anything wrong there will likely be litigation and
> will almost certainly be drawn into it.  I would recommend that
> you have insurance in place before you undertake the work;and,
> under no circumstances assign any blame to anyone for anything as Chris
recommended (That would be for the litigation to determine).
>  If you must (and, quite possibly you must) provide a fast reply
> and don't have sufficient time to properly assess some items
> qualify them as "concerns that require a more detailed review than time
has permitted for this report."
> Regards,
> H. Daryl Richardson
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>   From: Harold Sprague
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>   Sent: Friday, March 21, 2008 4:00 PM
>   Subject: RE: review of another SE's design...
>   It is difficult to advise based on the limited information.  But I
> offer a few observations.
>   The report should focus on the technical aspects and avoid who should
> have done what.  That may be an issue later.  Write in the third person.
>   Try to be as dispassionate as possible.  If this is a failure or short
> coming of some sort, there are some guidelines published by CASE.  There
are also some documents from ASTM: E 620, E 678, E 1658, E 1732 that may
be helpful.
>   I would also recommend the book "Engineering Ethics - Concepts ,
> Viewpoints, Cases and Codes", by the National Institute for Engineering
Ethics at Texas Tech.
>   Regards,
>   Harold Sprague
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>     From: akester(--nospam--at)
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>     Subject: review of another SE's design...
>     Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 17:26:13 -0400
>     Please email any comments or suggestions directly to me, as this is
> weekend job...
>     I have been asked to review, from what I know, a respected long-time
> engineer in this area's job. It is a pretty big project, with some steel
framing issues. The GC has hired us to investigate the steel that has
been erected on-site (done), run some calcs on their steel sizes, and
come up with some professional opinions in a report for a Monday
afternoon as to what we think has occurred and how to fix it. They said
they quote, "We do not care who is right or wrong, we have two parties
pointing fingers, and we want your unbiased opinion.,"
>     It is a precarious position but at least I do not feel hamstrung. I
> want to be delicate, professional, and not hang another engineer out to
>     I guess I am asking for opinions, ideas, experiences of who has been
> through this before...
>     Andrew Kester, P.E.
>     Principal/Project Manager
>     ADK Structural Engineering, PLLC
>     1510 E. Colonial Ave., Suite 301
>     Orlando, FL 32803
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