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Place of Public Assembly

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Anyone know where I can find the code definition of "PLACES OF PUBLIC ASSEMBLY" ?

Table 1604.5 of the 2007 CBC has Occupancy Category III for the following:

"Covered structures whose primary occupancy is public assembly with an occupant load greater than 300"

This clause previously only appeared in the Chapter A (Oshpd and DSA) sections of the code. It triggers an importance factor of 1.5 for Occupancy Category III buildings in the 2007 CBC (in the 2001 CBC, this meant only 1.15 importance factor).

My structure is a 1 story swimming pool building. No viewing bleachers, but the dimensions of the room and size of the pool mean it can physically hold more than 300 people.

To me, it's not a place where public assembly is the purpose of the building such as an auditorium, lobby, or other area where people come for the purpose of witnessing something.

any thoughts?