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Soil improvement methods

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Hi all

We have a  project spread to an area of 150mx400m to
build 55m concrete tanks  ( 4 Nos) in addition to
other process related equpments to treat process 
effluents from the  refinery

As per Soil investigation report the top soil upto
2.5m to 3.0m is weak which can not take the  allowable
design load of 15t/m2. The soil is sandy and the Soil
Consultant recommended to replace the whole soil upto
3.0m depth with  structural fill and compact to 95%

The job was awarded to a Contractor. The Contractor is
now suggesting to replace only  the top 1.5m layer
with structural fill and use vibratory roller of
12tonnes capacity the roll the remaining 1.5m weak
soil with many passes to reach the desired compaction.

Is this acceptable?. In our opinion, the effect of
vibratory roller compaction is limited to 40cm to 50cm
and not 1.5m?. Is dynamic Compaction a viable solution
for this case?. Any other suitable method available.

The ground water table is about 3.5m to 4.0m from
Natural Ground level 

Thanks in advance 



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