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Re: Tremie Concrete

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Depends on soil and pier size..  Have them verify for certain that the water is not causing the sides to slough off.  If it is not, cast from bottom up, w/ deposit of concrete below the top of deposited concrete at all times.  If sides are sloughing, temp casing must be used.  If water is coming in quickly, or if they are small piers (<18" or so), you may want casing also as water may more easily migrate through and interrupt the concrete.  That's not a good thing.
Strength isn't generally a big issue.  It's in compression.  If uplift occurs, the steel takes it.  Sorry if that's more info than you wanted...

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I have a project which consists of small cast-in-drilled-hole piles. Some of them are 8 feet deep. Today, I found out that they encountered water at 3 feet. The soils engineer is O.K. with tremie concrete. I need to make some adjustments in the depth (increase) due to the buoyant forces. Heretofore, I had not specified anything special for the concrete mix and I don’t need a lot of strength. However, is there anything I should do with regards to the mix given the conditions of placement?




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