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RE: Seismic load on retaining wall

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Thanks Harold and to all who responded. That section of the NEHRP Commentary was exactly what I needed.

Piura, Peru 
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Yes there is an accepted method. 
Go to the BSSC on line NEHRP Commentary Section 7.5 for the most definitive write up on this topic that includes yielding and nonyielding walls:

The generally accepted approach in Section 7.5 was developed by Wood in 1973 with some modification by Whitman in 1991.  The other aspects to consider are soil-structure interaction and the effect of saturated soils which is all in the write up. 
This section was developed primarily by Maury Power and Chet Soydemir.  It had an extensive peer review by the BSSC Provisions Update Committee (PUC) Technical Subcommittee 3 "Fndns. and Geotech Considerations" and the entire PUC.  We "Nonbuilding Structures Technical Subcommittee" needed this write up in an effort to provide the superimposed loading for earth retaining structures. 

Harold Sprague
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 09:52:29 -0500
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Subject: Seismic load on retaining wall

Is there any method used to estimate the seismic load on a retaining wall that is restrained for lateral movement? This wall is buried and is restrained by a concrete slab on top and a mat foundation at the bottom. I assume that under this condition, active pressures cannot develop, hence the Mononobe-Okabe method cannot be used. Am I right?. This wall is also below phreatic surface.
I will appreciate your input.

Piura, Peru

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