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RE: ASCE being attacked

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Engineers that do a lot of levy design or high rise design have earned a large measure of respect.  They put their reputations and careers on the line every day. 
I had one of the most respected academians in the world once confide in me that he could NOT do what a regular practicing structural engineer does routinely.  The academian could develop the code, he could research engineering, he could write books, he could teach structural engineering for a half of a century, but he felt he would be lost actually designing the types of projects that we PRACTICING structural engineers do on a daily basis.  I respect his candor and honest appraisal. 
Broad based analysis of major disasters involving engineering is best done with the input from all voices including academians, but should be driven by those that stand up and put their careers on the line as they seal drawings every day. 
I have been a practicing structural engineer most of my life.  I put my career on the line every day.  I have done no small amount of research and development.  I have on occasion criticized the work of fellow structural engineers.   
I also serve a few stints as an adjunct professor of structural engineering.  I will not openly criticize academians.  I have not earned the privilege.  But as a PRACTICING structural engineer. I would ask for reciprocal courtesy until the academian has a few decades as a PRACTICING engineer with his career on the line and his seal on the drawings. 
Harold Sprague
(Expert in the assessment and dissemination of male bovine feces)

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Will H.

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