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Re: Structural Observation Contract Clause

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My boiler plate scope of services (depending on the type of construction) is as follows:
Construction administration services will be provided during construction and will include shop drawing review as well as sites visits during the course of construction. Site visits will be provided (at a minimum) at the following times: before footing placements (after the reinforcing steel is placed and the footings formed), before the foundation walls are poured (after the reinforcing steel is placed), when the shear walls have been framed (before the wrap is placed), and when the floor and roof framing is complete. Adequate notice will be required by this office (a minimum of 2 business days-not including Saturdays and Sundays) in order to provide construction control services at the above noted times. This office will not be responsible for delays in construction due to the failure to provide adequate notice of observation. In addition, should the contractor decide to continue work without the previous work being observed, this office will be unable to note that the previous work was done in conformance with the design drawings. Please forward this information along to the developer/contractor to include in his construction schedule.

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I have so many problems getting others to understand this one so I am trying to clarify it a bit.  How does this sound:
"Structural observations, as may or may not be required by the department of building and safety, will be provided only when requested by the client or representative thereof. Coordination and scheduling of structural observations is the responsibility of the client and/or client's representative."
My jobs are primarilly single-family residences.