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RE: ASCE being attacked

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You may wish to pass up the chain another suggestion of inclusion of someone from the ASCE "Global Principles of Professional Conduct".  Dr. Jimmy Smith comes to mind.  He wrote a very good book on engineering ethics. 

Harold Sprague

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 17:48:56 -0500
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Subject: Re: ASCE being attacked

What follows is the content of a letter that ASCE President David Mongan is sending to all of ASCE's 140,000 members:
You may have heard recently that ASCE has been criticized for its participation in engineering studies of national significance. I believe our participation in these efforts is an important part of the Society's continuous effort to advance public safety and engineering practice, and that our work has contributed greatly to the understanding of how to make engineered structures safer in the event of both natural disasters and man made events. As such, I would like to provide you an update concerning the Society's response to these allegations.
ASCE has a long and well-respected history of participating in and conducting engineering studies of national significance that dates back to the late 1800s, when the Society was called upon to investigate the cause of the dam failure that led to the Johnstown flood. In more recent times, ASCE has analyzed the collapse of the Murrah Federal Building following the Oklahoma City bombing and, following 9/11, the performance of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The Society is currently participating in a review of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' investigation into the failure of the levee system in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.
Because public trust and understanding of the Society's participation in these studies is vital, ASCE has asked the past chairman of the House Science Committee, former Congressman Sherwood Boehlert, to lead a Task Force that will examine the Society's procedures and policies for conducting engineering studies and investigations of national significance. I am pleased to report that Mr. Boehlert has successfully secured the participation of Joseph Bordogna, Ph.D., former deputy director of the National Science Foundation; Jack W. Hoffbuhr, P.E., DEE, former executive director of the American Water Works Association; Jack E. Snell, Ph.D., former director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Building and Fire Research Laboratory; and William A. Wulf, Ph.D., former president of the National Academy of Engineering. We expect the Task Force to complete its work by the end of April 2008, and its recommendations will be made public.
Also, in accordance with our strict and long-standing canon of ethics, ASCE's standing Committee on Professional Conduct (CPC) is reviewing any specific allegations. Until the committee's confidential inquiry is complete it would be premature and inappropriate to comment on their work, but once their review is complete, we have committed to making its findings public and taking whatever action is appropriate.
ASCE has posted a number of documents and reports related to these studies on our Web site.


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