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Re: What is 2t plastic hinge gusset plate design?

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Thanks to all who responded to my query on 2t plastic hinge design.
I am particularly grateful to Prof Astaneh for his scholarly and enlightening reply.
I registered as member at and tried to download the pdf file on this subject that would have contained full information. However, being located overseas I was unable to send the $25 that the web site demanded to permit the download. I normally avoid all financial transactions over the internet.

Any way my immediate interest is only what we as detailers should do in this case to adhere to the engineer's specification. I will simply keep about 2" extra space in the gusset for this. For good measure, I plan to send out a sketch indicating our proposal for advance approval before we go full steam on  the innumerable connections that this structure calls for.
I also found a short and practical answer in AISC's "Seismic provisions for Structural steel buildings, clause 9.3.c, and figure C.9.7 on page 45 and 46
Thanks to all once again.
Respected Prof Astaneh:
My name is Goplalkrishna Vishwanath, (which I have shortened to Vish, for the benefit of the American tongue, which often goes into knots when it attempts to pronounce my long name). You have mentioned "Venkatesh" in your mail which is also another common Indian name, but it is certainly not mine.
Thanks in particular to you for the trouble you have taken to enlighten all of us. It is indeed a privilege for me to have attracted the attention of such an eminent academician and to actually receive a reply from him on so mundane a matter as detailing of a gusset plate.
I recall with nostalgia my years in College in the sixties and early seventies when I was last in touch with my professors and feel elated at this contact with a person like you after spending such a long time in the rough and tough jungles of commercial steel construction populated by hard nosed steel fabricators and erectors and perenially cost conscious owners and where $ and weeks are readily understood but not stresses strains and least of all plastic hinges.
We look forward to your continued interest in the proceedings of this list and would be grateful for an occasional response from you.
With warm regards
G Vishwanath
Director, HI-Q Design & Detailing Pvt Ltd
Bangalore, India

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