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Re: Exposure Categories: ASCE7, IBC

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Christopher Banbury wrote:

Where can I find some discussion on the history of the changes to Exposure Category? It seems that each code edition rewrites the exposure categories.

I already have the paper that investigates the effect of fetch on Exposure D and I think I understand why Exposure A went away.

It looks like the ASCE7 definitions have stabilized in the last two editions however I’m not sure I understand why the IBC (and especially the FBC) appear to depart from ASCE7 so dramatically on Exposure B and C.

I don’t really have any specific questions at this point. I’m just stirring the pot to see if anyone has some insight.

Thanks in advance.

Christopher Banbury, PE



Look in the Commentary to ASCE 7. It has an explanation of the exposure categories and how you can determine the category.

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