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Re: What's happening?

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G Vishwanath wrote:
How many of you received a mail with subject line "Aisc requests your assistance"?
Is this a genuine mail?
Is steel being made to suffer and concrete being favored by provisions sought to be incorporated in the specifications for Green Buildings?
That's the way AISC sees it. More the to point: Why is ASHRAE writing a "building code" that includes requirements for selection of structural framing? The suspicion on the part of AISC is that the concrete guys have seized upon this opportunity to get their products an edge based on the ridiculous hysteria surrounding the latest ecological "fad," so-called "green construction."
I am confused and unable to decide how to respond.
Respond as you see fit.
I can forward a copy of what I received to any one interested.
I think nearly all of us have received it. I posted it already in a post ham-handedly titled "Proposed ASHRAE" (I hit "send" accidentally - old age does that to you).
I don't want to post it here unless I know for sure that the mail is genuine.
Already posted.

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