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Re: House Leveling

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Gerard Madden, SE wrote:
The way I've seen it done is for a contractor to slip wide flange beams to the underside of the lower floor framing inserted from each end at some regular spacing along the longitudinal side of the house (WF span the short direction of the house). Then they either provide interior supports for jacks (if they can get in there) or create a moment splice in the beams they insert from either end and jack only from outside the building. These are for houses with crawlspaces or basements.

Then when they have it up high enough, they place more temporary supports inside using cribbing and allow work to take place. Usually this is done when someone is adding a full basement, but maybe not if it's just a leveling job.

Sometimes, they will also create a rail system, where they lift the house then slide the house off it's footprint to allow work to begin or to move the house elsewhere.
That's sort of what I had in mind, but I'm trying to anticipate the "retort" of the contractor.

I have advised my client to advise her attorney to get a house-leveling contractor (one who hasn't been doing it wrong for 27 years) as an expert witness, to explain, not what was done wrong in her case, but how it SHOULD be done.

(The attorney is usually sufficient for the screaming that it was done incorrectly part.).

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