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RE: Mechanical Engineer wants me to stamp his M sheets

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We do a lot of OSHPD work and we typically grey out the Mechanical plans and darken the vertical and lateral supports for the pipes, ducts, units, etc.  We create a separate sheet that has all our bracing details.  We also put a note under our stamp stating that we are only responsible for the vertical and lateral bracing of the MEP shown.  So far we have been successful in doing things this way.  I would not stamp the M sheets, create another sheet with his stuff and lighten the mechanical information and darken the once you are taking responsibility for.


Good luck.


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From: Gould, Diane [mailto:Diane.Gould(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 6:16 PM
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Subject: Mechanical Engineer wants me to stamp his M sheets


I’m currently working with an ME who is telling me he cannot stamp “any plan containing seismic work based on calculations that have not been pre-approved by a state entity, such as pipe support systems, etc.”  He claims that the mechanical plan containing the “seismic details” needs to be double stamped with his (ME) and my (SE) license.  When I ask in what alternate reality is that true, he says, “well that’s what I always had to do with all the OSHPD work I did”.


The project in question is not an OSHPD job.  It involves adding 6 chilled air units on the ground floor of a State Office (EDD) building in Sacramento.  The scope of my involvement on this project involves doing the appropriate calcs and then marking up equipment mounting details for the ME and the Architect.  There are no S sheets on this job.  The Architect is not asking me to stamp his plans/details.


I’ve offered to stamp 8 ½ x11 versions of the 2 details I marked up for the ME.  Am I wrong in maintaining that it’s inappropriate for an SE to stamp M sheets?  The way I see it, to do so would imply that I was in responsible charge for all the information contained on those M sheets.  “Responsible charge” means it was prepared either by me or someone else under my direct supervision/review. There is much information on those M sheets that is neither within my scope of knowledge nor my supervision/review.


I’m digging my heels in on this one…just curious if others have opinion(s) to offer.





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