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Re: House Leveling

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Out here in Central TX, we have some of the worst clays in the country.  Causes lots of various problems that are different from a relatively stable settlement issue. 
The best way here, is a reputable company (read: don't go lowest bid) comes out w/ about fifty, 40 Ton jacks.  They place these next to most of the piers.  Sometimes w/ carrier beams, etc.  then starting at the lowest points, they start jacking by about 1/4" increments or so.  Not sure of the amount, they know what they're doing.  Someone inside is with a Comp-u-level.  maybe a framing level.  They continue along until it's level, and shim.
Don't expect this to happen without drywall cracking!  It'll need repair proportionate to amount of lift.  Shouldn't incur any additional structural damage, but may make more apparent, or exascerbate what is already there.
If it's lifting due to clays, There are other issues.
Feel free to contact me if you need more.

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Jerry Coombs wrote:
Yes.  A lot a variables.  What sort of piers in what type of soil.  In stable circumstances it can be as simple as shims, but some types of houses need more "gentle" treatment.  One needs to know exacty *why* it's unlevel first. 
I'm specifically interested in the "means and methods" typically used in the "jacking" process, rather than the finished product.

For instance, how do they set up to make sure you're not shifting the load onto the floor or some other part of the structure unduly? I've seen a very messy example of this and need to figure out what SHOULD have been done in that particular case.
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