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Re: Steel slides for quick reference

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40 years ago, my boss handed me one when I joint my first engineering
firm.  My boss called it a wheel. I have not see one at all for the
last 25 years.  I through the reason is because we outsource most of
our design works out of our country.  We had to get it from maybe

Of cause I am half joking.

Could you try to download the EXCEL shape data base from AISC?  It may
be easier to use.  They like to change the list and the dimensions
every so often.  Wheel just can't keep up with them.



On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 3:22 AM, G Vishwanath <gvshwnth(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> List,
> From where can I order the circular steel dimensions and properties slide?
> I have seen this used before.
> It used to consist of two circular concentric disks one of them housed
> inside the other and which could be rotated with respect to each other. The
> inside disk had the values of the  properties of sections printed on the
> surface and outside disk had named slots/openings through which we could
> pick a particular section and read it's properties It was convenient and
> handy and one didn'thave to reach for the bulky manual for a quick lookup of
> the dimensions and properties of common steel sections.
>  A steel slide like this is available in India for Indian sections but this
> is rectangular.
> I wish to order a few of these slides for American sections.
> My daughter who lives in USA is visitng India on vacation and I am asking
> her to bring a few feet and inch calculators for me. I thought of asking her
> to get these slides as well.
> I know how to order to the calculators on line and have already requested my
> daughter to do so.
> Can any one let me know the web site from where these slides can be ordered
> on  line?
> How much do they cost apiece? What do you call them? Do they have a brand
> name?
> Regards
> Vish
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