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Mechanical Engineer wants me to stamp his M sheets

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The Mechanical Engineer is mistaken.  The design of piping design, pipe hangers, bracing of ducts, and bracing of mechanical equipment is considered part of the practice of Mechanical Engineering in California and as a result the ME is allowed to design these items and sign off on them without a SE.  The Electrical Engineers are also allowed to design the anchorage for conduit and electrical equipment.  This assumes that they are operating within their area of expertise.  I know a formal OSHPD supervising engineer that agrees with this interpretation.

Much of the real expertise regarding these items resides with ME's and not SE's.  All piping and piping supports in nuclear plants are done to ASME standards which are written by ME's.  The 2007 CBC references ASME B31.3 for process piping.  Pipe stress design is tricky for an SE and pipe support design often needs to consider thermal expansion and other operationg considerations.

By the way if you screw or drill into the mechanical equipment have the ME verify that this will not cut a wire or piece of tubing. 

In my experience with DSA and OSHPD projects we were not asked to sign the ME drawings.

While many ME's are comfortable incorporating your recommendations and signing the M sheets it is not unreasonable for you sign your work.  As mentioned this could consist of you preparing a M sheet with only your work and signing it.  You would want the ME to review this drawing and verify that your details are compatible with the mechanical systems.  The ME need not sign this sheet unless you so wish.

Mark Gilligan

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