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Re: Existing Beam: Repair or O.K.?

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 >The beam is huge. It's 18-3/4"x701/4". It spans about 12-1/2 feet and supports two floors and a
Is that 7.1/4" wide x 18.3/4" Deep or 18.3/4" Wide x 70.1/4" Deep?
Is it solid sawn timber?
If it is not a check, maybe a steel channel each side bolted through would replace the wood beam. 
If the crack is toward the support ends of the beam, or at a point load, I would assume it was a shear failure and size the channels (or even just flat plates) and their connections for shear transfer.
If there is a deflection problem, I would assume the beam is also in bending failure and size the channels accordingly (probably not because the span is relatively short).
Macie, P.E.

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