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Re: AISC minimum number of bolts

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I do not believe the AISC Specification requires two bolts.  The steel detailer may be referring to OSHA requirements in section 1926.756:
§ 1926.756 Beams and columns.

(a) General. (1) During the final placing of solid web structural members, the load shall not be released from the hoisting line until the members are secured with at least two bolts per drawings, drawn up wrench-tight or the equivalent as specified by the project structural engineer of record, except as specified in paragraph (b) of this section.
(2) A competent person shall determine if more than two bolts are necessary to ensure the stability of cantilevered members; if additional bolts are needed, they shall be installed.
(b) Diagonal bracing. Solid web structural members used as diagonal bracing shall be secured by at least one bolt per connection drawn up wrenchtight or the equivalent as specified by the project structural engineer of record.

It appears that diagonal bracing members need only have one bolt for erection, but there is no stated exception for other members, including girts, so the issue lands in the realm of engineering judgment.  The same question has been raised in our office regarding small beams (such as W6) that are used in residential projects.  I am interested in hearing others' thoughts.  The AISC Steel Solutions Center may also be a good resource.

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I have a steel framed project with HSS wind girts.  I calced and drew
the girt to column connection with one bolt.  The steel detailer
mentioned that there is an AISC requirement for 2 bolts?  Does anyone
know if this exists and where it is located?  TIA

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