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Re: Lord of the Revits: Fellowship of the Bim

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I gathered you were talking about Revit Structure. If you have some time to take a short class, to me, is the best approach. Don't mention the name of the vendor here, but I took 5 days short class with them and I found it not bad at all. They would give you the basic functions of keys, menu, setup...and it does save me some valuable time going thru the manual. And if you have a question, they may give you the answer. If not on the spot, the instructor will get back to you the next day or some time later.
Revit Arch is more fun than Struct, because you can see things like a building, or a structure, and Revit Struct would give you frame...that would bore some people, but not to us struct guys. I would say you would benefit a lot more if the instructor is actually a design engineer.
My trainer at the time is not an engineer. I would give him the credit that he knows the program very well, and I just lucked out because my classmates were engineers and they did ask a lot of questions and thus brought out a lot of info that to me, without them asking questions, neither us nor the trainer would know.
Another topic: linking with structural analysis programs. Make sure the version you buy is compatible with the version of structural analysis program you intend to use. I have not experienced that problem, but I read on the tenlinks forum that there are some issues with certain version of analysis program.

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Have had REVIT 2008 for about 6 months now, and haven't done more than load it and look at one of the examples. When you don't have a project to which to apply something like this, it's difficult to find the time and inclination to get started.

(Plus, trying to restart my nascent music career. Fuggeddabadit).

  Thank you both so much!

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I will take the tutorial, though, I don't know the way...

Will begin the Revit learning process this week. Welcome all sage advice, links to helpful websites, what works, what doesn't, etc... private or public responses are fine.

Any recommendations on training/seminars? Are they worth it? From what I've been told, the tutorials that come with it will get you 1/3rd of the way there, the remaining 2/3rds comes from experience...