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Re: Lord of the Revits: Fellowship of the Bim

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Which anys programs are known to work well? I've got RAM advanse, but now that they're owned by Bentley I can't see Adesk taking them on as a partner. I'm looking into RISA, as the new RAM licensing has me a bit spooked (and I may be able to get a full version for a good price). I don't really want to move to Revit (I don't want to move out of 2D...but that's another thread), but I suspect it will happen before I can figure out how to retire.

The last time I used VA was a decade ago for a FEM class. I'm sure it's much, much better now, but at the time I was using it for class, and FEMAP/NASTRAN at work. It was night and day, of course.

Gordon Goodell wrote:

I know RS is coming my way, because our architects use Revit.  I have heard that there is a link between Visual Analysis and RS, but Autodesk doesn’t list them as a partner.  Is anyone using these together?  (I’m currently demoing VA).



Gordon Goodell

Driggs, ID

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