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On 'moral corruption' and 'disregard for human life'

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Dear Hassan,
you wrote:
It is up to  all of us to save the reputation of  our profession and
clean up our professional organizations of "morally corrupt" officials
and members so that the public can trust us again as the dedicated civil
engineering and structural engineering professionals who are truly
dedicated to public safety and not to protecting their fellow engineers
and friends at the expense of public safety.

Please remember the saying that:  you can fool some people forever and
you can fool everyone for sometime but you cannot fool everyone forever!
Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, Ph.D., P.E.
Let me make a few points on what I read in your long letter:
1. Having come across many professions in my long career on both sides
of Pacific, I regard engineers as quite an honest lot.
2. Your writings on professional morality implies we are a sinister group.
"Moral corruption" would be a corrupt behavior not punishable by law.
In what you wrote before and now I have not found a single example of that.
What you are really saying that the should-searching did not go deep enough.
3. Perhaps we are not witnessing any disregard for human values, but merely
some limitations of human knowledge and capability.
4. The general way you speak about WTC disaster suggest a irresponsible design.
I see some weaknesses, but the same mis-handling is typical of structural engineering
involved in building design on every project. Besides, you can't prohibit people from trying
new things.
5. If you wish to sound more convincing, you should use more specific examples
of the implied wickedness.
Sincerely, Gregory